About “Approaching Aro”

The sky is a symbol of Dzogchen, the central teaching of the Aro gTér

This site is meant as a resource for anyone who is considering involvement in Vajrayana Buddhism.

At first, Vajrayana seems confusing, complex, and difficult. It is time-consuming and requires commitment. It may appear frightening or crazy. On the other hand, it is fascinating, beautiful, and inspiring too.

One can practice Sutrayana (the most common forms of Buddhism) in a general or eclectic way. For Vajrayana, however, one must choose a school, tradition, lineage, and teacher. I use the word “approaching” to refer to the gradual process of learning more about Vajrayana and its subdivisions, beginning tentatively to practice, selecting a teacher, and taking on increasing responsibility within and for the Sangha.

I am an “apprentice” in the Aro lineage. Aro is a lineage within the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Aro particularly emphasizes Dzogchen. What I have to say will be most relevant to those interested in Aro specifically, and to those intrigued by Dzogchen. I hope much will also be relevant to approaching other Nyingma lineages, and to approaching Vajrayana generally.

I aim to: