Monet's Japanese garden bridge (photograph)

Although this web site is entirely my responsibility, many people have contributed in various ways, for which I would like to give thanks.

Each of the Aro Lamas gave me specific, valuable advice. They have substantially improved the work. (Their involvement does not imply endorsement, however. Each of them also made suggestions that I chose not to follow, and they would each prefer that I had done some things differently.)

Many Aro apprentices have contributed encouragement, photographs, on-site comments, and comments on unpublished page drafts. Naljorma Rin’dzin, especially, has read drafts of about a third of the pages before publication, and vastly improved many of them.

Eyewitness accounts were key to writing the historical section of this site. I am grateful to the many people who patiently answered my innumerable boring questions.

Most of the images on this site came from stock.xchng. Its remarkable collection is generously made free by the photographers.