Buddhism for Vampires

Buddhism for Vampires

Buddhism for Vampires is a new (as of May 2010) site, presenting Buddhism in an unusual new way. Or, not so new: because it turns out that the undead have been a part of Buddhism since ancient times.

Most of a year ago, I suggested here that explaining Buddhism in the language of the undead might be a way around the problem of Buddhism’s hijacking by New Age psychotherapeutic political correctness. That might make Buddhism attractive to a new audience. I wasn’t really serious then; but after thought and research, I realized that the connections between vampires and Buddhism are substantial and significant.

Vampires provide a set of metaphors for communicating aspects of Buddhism that are otherwise difficult to talk about. Wavering on the threshold between living and dead, the undead embody the unavoidable ambiguity of experience. Seductive and horrifying, vampires mirror our constantly-flickering reactions of desire and revulsion.

I have added a “My other sites” section in the right margin of the pages of Approaching the Aro gTér. This currently lists the most recent pages from Buddhism for Vampires. I expect to be creating at least one more site, “Meaningness”, in the next few months. It will explore the philosophy of nihilism and eternalism, and its new pages will also appear in that list. If you are interested in following these sites, it would be best to sign up for updates directly on them, though. You can get updates by email or RSS.

It has been many months since I have written much on Approaching the Aro gTér. I do plan to write more; especially about the process of choosing a spiritual path, organization, and teacher. I have drafts of a dozen new pages. I write slowly, however, and the new sites are taking priority for now.

Although they are quite different in style, I hope some readers of Approaching Aro will find the new sites to their liking—and vice versa!