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Lotuses (Padma/Pema)

I want this site to be useful to you. But I don’t know for sure what you will find most useful. I have an outline with dozens of pages that I may never get to write. What I say, and how, and when, will depend on your questions, suggestions, and interests.

Most of the pages on this site have an “add new comment” link at the bottom. Please use it; that will be helpful to me, to you, and to other readers. Please let me know if you have any technical problems posting comments.

Web discussions somehow tend to produce vicious shouting matches. For that reason, and to eliminate spam, comments appear only after a delay. Please practice the fundamental Buddhist commitments of kindness and openness. Paul Graham’s excellent essay on how to disagree productively could be helpful. Tough questions are welcome; I will try to give real answers. (Writing each web page of content takes me a full day, so I will not be able to provide detailed responses to every issue at once.) I may delete comments that are “mi kha” in Tibetan. Mi kha includes one-upmanship, put-downs, gossip, slander, defamation, harassment, abuse, and so forth.

Most bloggers, and most forum participants, are anonymous, hidden behind “nyms.” Originally I intended to publish this site anonymously. The infinitely wise Lama Shardröl Du-nyam Wangmo persuaded me to use my real name instead. That makes me clearly accountable for what I say here; my personal reputation is at risk. Commenters may wish to do likewise—but that is optional. The comment form will prompt you for an email address. If you supply an email address, it will not be publicly displayed. You are also free to leave it blank.

Aro apprentices might do well to identify themselves as such. (I do not want a pseudonymous cheering section.)

I use the Mollom anti-spam service, which reads comments and tries to filter out spam automatically. See their privacy policy, which basically says that they may read and/or store whatever information you enter.

For general questions and comments on this site, you can add comments at the bottom of this page.