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I don't need one...

There doesn't have to be an overriding "cosmic plan" for me to contemplate my own existence, which should be ... my own. The Universe is empty and meaningless, but that doesn't have to be a "bad" thing.

And, someone can tell me that my plan is pointless, that in the end it will be meaningless ... but so what? I will have lived life as I determine it is. I don't need someone else, or some doctrine, to tell me how that should be.

Since life just "is," (present moment) then what can I do with that (now, in the present moment as that moment "is")? That is the question I will answer, and follow where those answers go (sometimes to connect with / help / guide other people). I will leave this planet satisfied.

I will not deny death, but I will live in denial of it.

Cosmic Plan?

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How do we know there is no cosmic plan? Perhaps there is.