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Telektonon - 7:7::7:7

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Hi I'm Mike
I would like to comment something on your writing about the Telektonon and the 7777 revelation.

I have been working with these practices for over 15 years, so i can say i have some understanding of them.

A Terma is a revealed hidden teaching. Most termas have as their source master Padmasambhava. In the case of the 7:7::7:7 the connection to Padmasambhava is a rediscovery of a previously taught terma. In this case it concerns the 7 self declarations of Padmasambhava as they are found on page 77 of the book Masters of Meditation and Miracles. On kin 77 (that is the 77th day in the mayan calendar) the finder of this hidden teaching opened the previously mentioned book on page 77 and found there the 7 selfdeclarations, which are a complete but condensed teaching in themselves.

This finding of the 7 self declarations was a part of a larger process of finding hidden codes locked in Mayan prophecy books and calendar cycles. It is maybe a bit too much to write about here, but if you are intrested i am happy to explain more in a personal email.

The words Nyinthig terma of Mayan Galactic Time here is refering not so much to the tradition of the Longchen Nyinthig (the old translation school) but to the literal meaning of these words: the heart essence of the vast expanse of Mayan Galactic Time.

The Time science of the mayans indeed is vast. The mayans are using a galactic based cosmology, so therefore mayan galactic time. Heart essence, because the 7777 practice condenses many layers of meaning into a single practice.

Like the tibetans the mayans had visitors who left them with highly spiritual teachings, places of worship, books, and indeed termas.

I am not like Dudjom Rinpoche at all. I have no deep understanding or omnicience whatsoever. But i do have a lot of faith in the teaching of Telektonon and the 7777, an unshakable confidence.

In fact it was through this 7:7::7:7 teaching that I encountered Padmasambhava for the first time, and since then he never left me. Because of it I have encountered many heart sons of Dudjom Rinpoche. I have studied many terma texts from authentic masters. And I have received the blessings from lineage holders of the short line of Padmasambhava.
For this reason I understand this also to be an authentic terma from Padmasambhava.

I do fully agree with you it is not a usual terma text and practice. Also I don't believe it is intended like that. Although the author of this text has a strong connection with the tibetan lineages, and was for many years a student of Trungpa, his intention was not to produce a "tibetan old school terma text". His intention was to serve sentient beings.

Somewhere in your writing you say that if Padmasambhava would say to you this was a very quick way to enlightenment you would practice it. Well, to me he has said that, but of course that is just the voice of confidence speaking through gaps of an otherwise very wild mind. It actually requires a thorough study to understand and practice the Telektonon and 7777 in a way that will benefit you the most. Like with all the heart essence teachings it is advised to study with a teacher, otherwise you might miss the point of the valuable teachings.

I hope you can make some sense of these writings, and forgive me my spelling and grammar mistakes. Also take into account my confused mind and limited understanding. I hope that the 7777 makes just a bit more sense, and again, if you wish I am happy to explain some more of it's details.

May all beings be happy and well.



Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful and generous comment. It seems that I owe an apology to you and other practitioners of the Telektonon terma. I came across it nearly 15 years ago and I had assumed that no one was actually practicing it.

My view is that if something works, it's valid. (I think actually this is also the view of most Dzogchen masters including Dudjom Rinpoche, as I discussed in the "secret view" section of this page.) If you and others practice it and get good results, then (however unusual the Telektonon is considered as a Nyingma terma) it's valid. I have added a note to main page, pointing to this discussion.

The main point of the page was that the Aro gTér is not particularly unusual, considered as a Nyingma terma. I wanted to make this point because, at the time, there was some confusion about this. That seems to have been due to a failure on our part to make it clear to everyone that the Aro gTér is mainstream.

I have zero problem with termas that don't look traditional or mainstream. I practiced Trungpa Rinpoche's Shambhala terma for many years, which also is far-removed from the mainstream. The Telektonon certainly doesn't "pass the duck test", but that doesn't make it wrong. Actually, it makes it all the more remarkable, if it functions as Dharma.

Thank you very much for your offer to explain the it further. Since I'm happy with the terma system I'm practicing now, my personal interest is limited. However, if others are interested, I'd be happy for them to post questions here, if this could be a useful forum for you to answer.

Best wishes,