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need contact email

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I searched the website for any contacts - in vain. I am trying to find someone of your organisation in Switzerland, the only contact, a certain Nyima Gyalmo in Schaffhausen responds to neither email, not phone nor left messages on her answer phone. Do you have anybody in Switzerland or an emailcontact I can ask wuestions regarding your presence or visits to Switzerland. Suggestion: add a CONTACTS list on your website, that would help very much!
Regards, Robin - hope to hear from you soon! Kindly reply to me to my given emailaddress, thanks a lot

Finding Aro contacts


I've sent this to your email address, but am posting it here too in case anyone else runs into a similar issue...

The Aro contacts page is at . (Approaching Aro is just my personal site, not an official Aro one, so it has contact information only for me.)

Naljorma Nyima Gyalmo is the only contact listed for Switzerland. I don't know why she isn't replying. I will look into that -- perhaps she is no longer the contact person. If I find anything, I will let you know.

Depending where you are in Switzerland, you might try a contact person in a neighboring country.

The Aro Lama most likely to teach in Switzerland would be Ngala Rig'dzin Dorje; contact information for his assistant William Wilson is given under "Italy" on the Aro contacts page.

Sorry if this isn't useful, and for your trouble reaching Aro in Switzerland!


Contact details

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We had an apprentice retreat these days in Italy, which is probably the reason why Naljorma Nyima did not answer. Otherwise her contact details would appear to be correct, and I am quite certain she will answer her e-mails soon (if she has not answerered already).


Hi, yes, sorry, I should have posted a follow-up here myself. I heard back from Naljorma Nyima who said she did contact the original poster, after a delay of only a couple of days.

Thanks for noticing and responding, and I hope everyone had a splendid time at Aro Ga'Dzong!