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A much better analogy of the

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A much better analogy of the 3 kayas are:All pervading space, great sun, Rainbow. so basically out of Dharmakaya you have clarity and cognition which illuminates the Sun ( Samboghakaya) out of which you have a appearance of Rainbow ( Nirmanakaya). This is explained rather well by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche in many of his talks.

Fun Platonic Analogue

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I like your comparison of Long-ku to mathematical entities. It reminded me of Platonic Idealism in contrast to what could perhaps be described as 'Pythagorean fundamentalism' (regarding the ideal reality of numbers). This reminds me that the mathematician/physicist/philosopher Sir Roger Penrose not only supports the notion of Platonic ideals, in the sense that math is discovered rather than invented and mathematical truths have an irrefutable yet non-physical existence, but he also relates this to physics in terms of said Platonic values being imbedded in space-time geometry (i.e. the constants of nature via spin networks).

This notion, at least in principle, connects the subatomic structure of the physical world to the non-physical domain of mathematical truth, and such a connection is utilized in the Orchestrated Objective Reduction theory of consciousness, where the Hard Problem of Consciousness is addressed via these Platonic non-computable factors. Said factors (in a hyper-simplified nutshell) influence the collapse of the wave functions of microtubule dipole Q-bits and therefore can account for the apparently non-computable (see Gödel Incompleteness) factors of consciousness such as understanding, free will, and qualia.

Now, I'm aware that this has nothing to do whatsoever with Tantric methodology, but it was just a poetic analogy that sprang to mind upon reading this, in probably a similar sense that your numeric analogy sprang to mind for you. Nonetheless, I'm not immediately averse to there being an actual connection as well in terms of neuropsychology. Are you familiar with the aformentioned proposals of Penrose and, if so, I'm very curious to hear what your thoughts are (if any)? Otherwise, it was just a fun thing to throw up here for someone to see. By the way, I love your writing!


An important morality fable ruined by tedious historical facts.

I get that you are being

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I get that you are being cheeky, but honestly I find the idea rather awful that facts are just things we invent to bolster our preferred narratives.

Rather awful

> I find the idea rather awful that facts are just things we invent to bolster our preferred narratives.

So do I. That view is wrong and harmful.

My "Ruined" reply was making fun of myself. I ought to have checked the story before including it in the essay.