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It's stupid to manipulate

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It's stupid to manipulate feelings directly. Feelings are side-effects of meanings. If you don't want to get angry, the meaning has change. In other words, some meanings should make us angry within some specific context. If you don't like it, you don't change the anger as if it was an arbitrary response. You have to change the meaning. As a simple example, if you think all people are mere ghosts, then they can't make you angry no matter what they say, because viewing people as ghosts deflates their importance, and thus changes the meaning of what they say from something you have to consider to something you can ignore. This specific example can make you calm, but it can also make you bored and lonely for obvious reasons, so it's not something I actually suggest implementing. The example is such that it makes the point obvious. A lot of Buddhists don't really get this point. They want you to continue seeing things as before and yet change how you feel about it. No can do. If you truly want to change how you feel about things, you have to change what those things mean to you. This is why Buddhist teach that the world is an illusion. It supposed to offer that change in meaning. But people in the West are so drunk on objective reality that they can't believe that appearances really are dreams and illusions. Science, air planes, computers, no we cannot believe it, can we? That's right. So all our attempts at feeling-transmutation will be wasted. Don't even bother. If you think all the meanings are objective and valid as a conventional Western atheist sees them, you're going to be angry and depressed a lot, and you won't be in control of your emotions.